Asian Interior Classic Home Design

Asian Interior Classic Home Design Asian is one of multi culture big island, with most of the country is located in tropic weather, that’s why, most of Asian home used traditional material for their house, such as wood, bamboo and rattan. Here are a simple Asian home design with Chinese home decorations, taken from talkzori, a simple house design from Asian.

Asian Interior Classic Home Design

Green and dominated with tree is one of tropical country, it’s a convenience house with much oxygen you can breath there.

Asian Interior Classic Home Design

Japanese Classic Room Design Inspiration

Japanese Classic Room Design Inspiration
Traditional Japanese style is inspiring many a modern architect. Japnese room design inspiration can be applied in much home designing part, Bedroom, Bahtroom, Living room and another room, with minimalist design of chair and table make the Japanese room style allow us to use as minimum as possible.
Japanese Classic Room Design Inspiration

Javanese Tropic Classic House Design

Javanese Tropic Classic House Design
There are so many choice to design comfort and delightful house, after designing the house, we can adding suitable decoration in around the house and the details of the room, to create tropic impressive house, don’t be afraid to try to planting several ivy flower above the roof. We can also put in order small stones to form small footpath. We can also create and forming the wall by sticking the split stones.
In above picture, we had adopted from, the design describe traditional and comfort house in tropical area. The location is in Markus Winarto’s house in Jogja.

Backyard House, Sustainable House Design in Seattle

Designed by SHED Architecture & Design, this modern house looks comfortable enough though it is built in tight budget. Located in Seattle, this house is dubbed as the Backyard House. In order to achieve the idea of an affordable house, the construction is used limited palette of durable materials and long term operational efficiency. Exterior and interior walls are built with fiber cement panels and are painted in white while the windows used aluminum frames to make this house has a long durability. Sustainable materials and method are applied from heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system, radiator hydronic heat, Energy Star appliances, low/no VOC paints and many more to maximize the energy usage. The house structures are in combination with BIBS insulation to reduce the wood usage.
Rooftop terrace and stairs become a passive cooling and also a great ventilation system to provide good air to the whole house. The first level is used to accommodate several common rooms such as kitchen, dining room, living room and a small home office. Equipped with large glass windows, the dining and living room opens to the patio and also the outside views. The upper level accommodates three bedrooms and two bathrooms which are also completed with glass windows to let the sunlight fill in. Meanwhile the rooftop patio offers a wonderful view of the surround environment also become a great place to relax.

Backyard House Kitchen Design

Backyard House Living room Design

Backyard House Badroom Design

Style Out door Backyard House

House Design with Contemporary and Natural Finishes Balance

This home, located on a narrow finger of land perched above a deep valley. The expansive views and exposure of a ridge top site, the quiet, contemplative shade of a redwood forest, the urbanity of a modern city residence, and the quiet of a wilderness are things that describe this work. A glimpsed view through the curved walls of the breezeway, on to the pool and the hills beyond starts from the driveway to the house. The front door of fluted glass starts to show the 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths
6070 square feet house for all its guests. Its east part includes all public areas like the kitchen, living room and dining room. Private areas are located in the west part of the house with bedrooms oriented to the canyon, and the family room looking onto the pool and outdoor living areas. The kitchen forms the hub of life in the house and opens fully to the living and dining rooms. The contemporary finishes and design elements are carefully balanced with natural maple cabinets and floors.

Luxury Oasis home Design-Like Living Space Filled with Contemporary Solutions

This luxury living space is located in Paddington, Sydney, Australia. It’s contemporary entertaining dream oasis that offers tranquility and privacy everybody want nowadays. It features stunning interiors and magical outdoor areas. The soaring central garden and loggia terraces add sheer beauty to the various levels, while the roof garden and multiple living areas give new meaning to all-year-round indoor outdoor entertaining. The house also features a 6-car garage with internal access, a fully equipped kitchen, home office and library areas, several powder rooms, living and TV areas, a plant room, an amazing wine cellar, and many other areas that every luxury house should have. Innovative sliding door-wall systems, upholstered walls, heated floors, security systems and other contemporary solutions were used in the construction


Classic House Remodelling by Feldman Architecture

This 1860’s cottage is one of the oldest houses in San Francisc’s Bernal Heights and was abandoned for long years before Feldman Architecture remodeled it. It was repaired, become bigger and the touch of modernism was added to it. Now, it is modern home with rustic charm of old cottage which has everything needed for comfortable life. Rough wood and stone mixed with clean glass and metal are particularly stylish yet cozy.

Beach House with Modern Interior Design by Frederick Stelle

This house is beach house design with modern interior designed by Frederick Stelle in the East End of Long Island, New York is one of those perfect retreats. 1980s-vintage house was fully rebuild with new structure made of yellow cedar outside and inside. It is situated between the Atlantic and a bay so it has awesome views all around. Outdoor spaces and terraces in the middle of the house are great places to relax with cup of coffee during the sunny day. The double-height living room is interconnected with the entrance hall and, above it, the study. The interior walls and floors have calm colors so they are perfect for placing art and unique objects of furnishings. Modern and contemporary paintings and prints decorate all walls of the house. The house is full of calmness so it’s a perfect retreat place for the owners.

Determining Safety In Your Home

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. This is where you should feel most comfortable. This is also where you want your family and friends to feel safe as well. To do this, you may need to get home security equipment in order to make your family as safe as you possibly can. Not everyone needs to get home security equipment, but in today’s age of crime, most people will at least need to consider it.

Why Home Security Equipment is Important

Home security equipment installed in your home is important for many reasons. You want to be able to keep you and your family safe in your own home. You cannot do this without having some type of home security equipment installed on the inside or outside of your house. If you do not have any home security equipment, you will need to begin searching for the right choice in home security equipment.

You first have two options: you can get home security equipment installed by a professional security company with all the features and security that goes along with it, or you can do it yourself with a few essential pieces of home security equipment. Getting these essential elements installed by a company will help you if you are in quick need of a security system and want the support of a company behind you if the alarm sounds.

You can also choose to pick out specific elements of home security that you would like to install in your home and do it yourself. Most of the time, anyone can do it. It is as simple as planning the system that you want to install, going out and buying the different components, and installing them in the right areas. This way, you can have the safety and security of a system without the high prices that some companies can charge.

Home security equipment is available in many areas. To get a good idea of what types of home security equipment is out there, try checking an internet store that provides this type of equipment. There, you can also begin to compare prices on different models and find the elements that you will need in order to build your own security system.